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 Syeden Ater'Rrakh's demise

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Syeden Ater'Rrakh
God of Gods
God of Gods
Syeden Ater'Rrakh

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PostSubject: Syeden Ater'Rrakh's demise   Sun Aug 24 2008, 11:18

After the unsuspected war between all Gods, the land became tainted.

The water turned acid, florae became deadly toxic, the sky became shrouded in a dark-purple mist, the soil became dangerously sludgy, animals mutaded into horrible freaks begging for salvation.

Only one stood here. Screaming in pain, begging for something to end It's mortality.

Syeden Ater'Rrakh, the creator.

He suffers as bad as It's land.

After ages of sufferdom, he became a poisonous soul. Turning It's domain even more hellish and absorbing some other different powers. His judgement is clouded, and It's powers are completely nocive.

Paranoid, Syeden Ater'Rrakh wants revenge for something It did.

Day by day, It's domain is getting bigger, corroding every bit of life It can catch, creating a gigantic army of lost souls. Immortals, corrupted, blind, urging man flesh.
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Syeden Ater'Rrakh's demise
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