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 Assassin Atack

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Syeden Ater'Rrakh
God of Gods
God of Gods
Syeden Ater'Rrakh

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Job/hobbies : God of Gods
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Registration date : 2007-12-12

Special Move: Eradication
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PostSubject: Assassin Atack   Mon Dec 17 2007, 04:49

A group of assassins are looking for a decent man to do their dirty work.
One of them sees you and discretely says:

"Hey there, look, we wore wondering if you could do us a favour. Some bastard from Spira is saying that Lady Ghutark is an assassin. That is not true! I want that son of a bitch's family dead, and with a very cheap funeral. Yeah... That's right! I want you to go to the outskirts and find his home. I believe they are called the Frims. Yeah... That's right! We can pay you good OS."

If you decide to take this quest, you will gain an assassin reputation and the church will not look to you with good eyes. As allways, if you decide to take it, post your name here.

Payment: 90 OS

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God of Ice and Wind
God of Ice and Wind

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PostSubject: Re: Assassin Atack   Mon Dec 17 2007, 17:55

Seeing as I am a god the consequences are unable to affect me! I'll join up and when i come back to the man with my report from the mansion ill assasinate him and his family
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Assassin Atack
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