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 The Hall of Justice

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God of Justice and War
God of Justice and War

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PostSubject: The Hall of Justice   Tue Dec 18 2007, 09:20

As you walk into a Large Temple , light appears to surround everything, the stones and statues seems to be alive and sometimes a small movement can be seen. As you enter trought two large doors, a beautiful and Magnificient Hall can be seen with light emanating from every corner. At the center there seems to be a golden throne. As you slowly get nearer the figure on the throne speaks.

I am Anasterian, God of Justice and War you are welcome in my earthen domains. If you seek rest i am sure i can provide you a bed and some food , if you seek to join the army go outside and sign the book. But if you... Wish to be come a Champion of light , a Paladin! Then you you are at the right place. So... What is your answer?
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PostSubject: Re: The Hall of Justice   Wed Dec 19 2007, 16:46

My awser? I will ask instead:

Where is the enemy my good Lord?
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The Hall of Justice
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