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 The Burglars & Thieves Sindicate

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Syeden Ater'Rrakh
God of Gods
God of Gods
Syeden Ater'Rrakh

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PostSubject: The Burglars & Thieves Sindicate   Tue Dec 25 2007, 17:20

Burglars, robbers, gamblers, assassins, muderers, mobsters and thieves are suported by the Rahkian law. And they need work! What else to support them even more than a sindicate?

Here you can take some high-risk quests that will put you in the black sheet of the army.

- The Lost Seal Quest
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PostSubject: Re: The Burglars & Thieves Sindicate   Tue Dec 25 2007, 19:03

Telhar walked in the Sindicate building and looks around. A bunch of black-dressed employees were running around with papers, asking for confirmations, looking for pencils, writing documents, passing licences and attending unhappy burglars.
Telhar turned to a counter.

"GoodafteRRnoon. I am heRRe investigating the weRReabouts of a seal belonging to the ChuRRch of Wind." - Said Telhar.
"Oh yeah? Well, the papperworks were done allready and the thing was shipped to the Black Market. NEXT!!! Please sir, get out of the line." Informed the attendant.

Telhar walked out of the Sindicate and, with his head filled with noise from inside, he caught a road to the Outskirts.

- Altered the story - Syeden Ater'Rrakh
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The Burglars & Thieves Sindicate
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