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» Syeden Ater'Rrakh's demise
Sun Aug 24 2008, 11:18 by Syeden Ater'Rrakh

» A New Start.
Mon Jun 02 2008, 17:31 by Mezmer-Eye

» Is this forum dead?
Sat May 31 2008, 18:37 by Presfoamy

» Elemental Temples
Sat May 31 2008, 01:52 by Mezmer-Eye

» Hi my name is: Terrain
Sat May 31 2008, 01:48 by Mezmer-Eye

» The Demon From Beneath
Fri May 30 2008, 07:49 by nite

» Plea
Sun May 25 2008, 16:27 by Terrain

» Rules!
Sat Feb 09 2008, 08:00 by Ahmerkhan

» Tunnel at the Boarder
Fri Feb 08 2008, 20:09 by Syeden Ater'Rrakh

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Syeden Ater'Rrakh's demise
Sun Aug 24 2008, 11:18 by Syeden Ater'Rrakh
After the unsuspected war between all Gods, the land became tainted.

The water turned acid, florae became deadly toxic, the sky became shrouded in a dark-purple mist, the soil became dangerously sludgy, animals mutaded into horrible freaks begging for salvation.

Only one stood here. Screaming in pain, begging for something to end It's mortality.

Syeden Ater'Rrakh, the creator.

He suffers as …

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A New Start.
Mon Jun 02 2008, 17:31 by Mezmer-Eye
A new albion is coming, me and Presfoamy are making a new one. This will be updated with a link when it is finished. Don't lose hope. If you can contact any old members please do, be a part of the new start.
Edit: Its still starting up but you can come and preview it at give suggestions on this thread though

STILL ALIVE 7/11/2008

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The Demon From Beneath
Sun Jan 06 2008, 10:08 by Dominic

"There is something lurking in these catacombs.. something.. ill-human and bloodthirsty, many decades ago i was assigned to prevent the creature from entering the light, but years down here have made me weak and mis-shapen. I can't offer much but can you track down this creature and destroy it so that we may never fear its pressence ever …

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Sat Feb 09 2008, 07:44 by Ahmerkhan
Due to the admin's work in the new and never-before-seen Albion MMORPG, I've been granted the position of Admin to take care of this nearly dead forum. Please! Don't give up on us!

I also ask the most recent members (with no faction, avatar, powers and os) to come and post here what do they want to be, so I can establish some balance around these parts


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Fri Feb 08 2008, 20:03 by Syeden Ater'Rrakh
After many centuries, the secculed, putrid, cold and dead land of Khriah fell into the hands of a black God and it was completely polarized.
Albion, after the war of the Gods, almost died.
In order to bring life back into this land, everyone capable shall go into the Temple of Ghork and try to get the Charm of Torkh.
Everyone that enters the temple will gain 100x atack and HP.
The …

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Gods Ring
Tue Dec 18 2007, 15:37 by Mezmer-Eye
My ring of frost has dissapeared. I suspect that the bandits living in the gray cave are the ones responsible. They're leader has been known to make deals and bets in Rahk, i need evidence of who stole this ring or the ring itself. You will be well rewarded and gain favour in my church. Now be off, find me my ring!

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Highly important
Sun Jan 27 2008, 13:58 by Presfoamy
Attention civilions of Albion, wake up.. there have been no post in forever! I'm afraid people have lost interest. I hope I don't get in trouble for this, but at this time, it says there have been 2 members on in the past 24 hours... that is sad, considering one is me!!

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Spira In Danger
Sat Jan 05 2008, 12:11 by Mezmer-Eye
The ice wall in the far north has a large crack and if this continues it may collapse changing our environment forever. It will cause flooding and the avalanche from it would crush Spira. Please travel there, I can provide a ride up to 3 miles from the wall.

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The Old Kingdom Gate
Fri Dec 21 2007, 13:51 by Syeden Ater'Rrakh
Far into the old Lynchfield Graveyard there is said to be a gate that is supposed to be a passage into an underground path. No one knows where it heads.

A gang of gravediggers are profaning the tombs in search of the hidden key. Stop them and open that gate!

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The Mythic Blade
Sat Dec 29 2007, 09:58 by Syeden Ater'Rrakh
In the Old Kingdom Realm, there is a inospite and twisted place, the Valley of the Forgotten. If you are brave enought, go there, take the sword and bring it back to your God's Temple or Base.

Reward: 40 OS + 40 OS for the Faction + Atack & Health Upgrade

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